With Henry Handwork.


Old dog, new tricks.

Just back from a quick week in Vietnam to visit the artisans that transform cotton and linen into the most beautiful hand-embroidery in the world.

It looks easy. It isn’t. But they got a kick out of seeing me hesitate and struggle.

All in good fun!

DSC00274 DSC00225 DSC00218 DSC00226 DSC00224

Make mine by hand, please.

Hand-embroidered bedding. All ours. Only ours.

Here I am, just last week, being taught how to make a French knot. It’s not as easy as they make it look!


Go, Celso.

Our favorite towel & rug purveyor has been quietly getting into the bedding biz. Celso is the name, the namesake of the company’s founder.


Libeco. Linen. Love.

The 3 L’s. Everyone knows the finest linen bedding is from Libeco, right?


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