Happy Thanksgiving…

From all of us in Portland, San Francisco & Beverly Hills.


Our Click-Thru Catalog.

Samuel Scheuer Holiday 2017

Check Your Mailbox.

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Our debut holiday catalog is on its way to you. We’ve scoured two continents to bring you 28 pages of sparkling holiday gift, home decor, and luxury linen ideas. If you didn’t get one please send me an email at tim@linensociety.com

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And, yes, this is me, the guy you’ll see when you first open the catalog. Don’t worry, though, the rest of the catalog is in full color!

On Our Beds Now.

How do they do it @manorfinewares ? @area.home bedding and bed done up right. #livetheluxurylinenlife

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A marvel from the loom. None of this is printed; all done in the weave. #cremedelacreme #celso #abysshabidecor

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Live life in linen from Libeco. #frenchquarterlinens #libeco #linen #livetheluxurylinenlife

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Sneak Peek

Our first-ever holiday catalog is spending the weekend with our printer, and will be mailed to our customers next week. We have a version for each of our three linen stores, plus the general, Linen Society version as pictured here.

If you’re not on our roster and would like a catalog mailed directly to you, drop me a line at tim@linensociety.com

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