Once A Year

It’s White & Ivory Sale month…. we keep it quiet, but if you’re in the know, then you know. All stores, anything white and/or ivory. *

* A handful of exceptions apply!

TV Premiere

Last night was the premiere of Upscale with Prentice Penny and Katherine at our Grande Maison de Blanc in Beverly Hills was featured in the second segment. And she did a terrific job…

Monogram Madness

We don’t know what happened, but the world has gone mad for monograms!

We just finished developing a new version, which is being hand-embroidered on natural linen as you read this.

Meadow Monogram, being hand-embroidered at this very moment, on natural linen. #oursexclusively #handembroidered #naturallinen #LiveTheLuxuryLinenLife

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Our Village.

Some familiar (and unfamiliar) faces in our luxury linens “village.” We do fancy bedding  like no one else, but our most valuable assets are these folks:

Katherine, our store manager in Beverly Hills:

Brian, luxury linens expert in Beverly Hills, lounging in Abyss.

Cindy, our office manager; Andy, our store manager in San Francisco; and Sara, our web sales customer service expert (visiting San Francisco from Portland).

Having fun in San Francisco #unionsquaresf #samuelscheuersf #samuelscheuer #sale #sultrysale #lux #luxurylinens #luxury #luxurysheets

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Ann, our director of stores, based in Portland but showing San Francisco how a ladder works.

It takes a village. #finelinens #samuelscheuersf #linens #workingit #dealinens #dea #sanfrancisco

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Ben, San Francisco shipping and receiving, in the background. Andy, store manager, foreground.

Vichhana, luxury linen sales expert extraordinaire, San Francisco.

Meet Vichhana. #meetthestaff @samuelscheuer #beststaff

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Dax, creative and visuals; Louis, luxury linen sales expert; San Francisco holiday party karaoke jam.

@samuelscheuer Holiday party, three drinks in. #karaoke

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Seann, aka Mr. Starbuck, creative and visuals in Portland.

Decking the halls at @frenchquarter in the #pearldistrict #trimming #decking #deckthehalls #boughs

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Tim, owner/founder; Ann, director of stores; Donald, merchandise manager: buying trip to Italy, on the Ponte Vecchio, Florence.

Cherry, far left, super sales star in Portland; and Mirella, center, who runs an Italian workroom where many of our linens are made.

All work and no play is no way to work. The entourage in New York, hamming it up.

Dream Team, post Chianti. #timessquare #dreamteam #afterdinner #clowningaround #tonysdinapoli

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Renee, brand manager for Henry Handwork.

Molly, our French Quarter store manager, Portland.

Sara, web customer service; Bryan, web development; gettin’ serious.

The beauties behind the beautiful website

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Jen, director of e-commerce & web; and Ann, (we think) director of stores.


And, finally, the leaders, still smiling after an intense three-day retreat at the Oregon Coast.

#ateam #beachbuddies #beachbums #managersretreat #teambuilding #netartsbay photo by @andyhuugallery

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Ready for Her Closeup.



If you’re headed to New York this spring, GET TICKETS by any means, at any price, for Sunset Boulevard. We had the good fortune to see Ms. Glenn Close, up close, last night, a few days after opening night. We were mesmerized.


Even The New York Times raved:  “(Ms. Close’s performance) may well guarantee its status as one the great stage performances of this century…”

Well, we were there. Read the review HERE.

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